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Turkish legislative group debate Gülen extradition with American government in Washington

Turkish legislative group debate Gülen extradition with American government in Washington

Fetullah Gülen’s extradition is a vital talking point in a debate one of the hot topics during a trip to the States by a group of Turkish legislators, a key government official said on Tuesday.

The main party’s Deputy Speaker Ravza Kavakçı Kan told media outlets that "The July 15 coup attempt and its aftermath, as well as extradition of Gülen and the developments in Syria would be the main topics that we would be talking about,"

Ms Kan went on to state categorically that other leading officials were galvanizing support for the extradition. He went on to set out the timetable for progress of the extradition procedure. Leading government lawyers are understood to be scrutinizing various treaties between the US and Turkey.

Members of the Turkish parliamentary delegation will meet US Senators, civil groups and other leading figures as well as media groups.

The key officials will talk to American officials about the legal process of extradition of Gülen for his involvement in establishing a quasi-state within the Turkish state and also taking charge of the violent coup attempt.

Turkey has chosen to submit a dossier of the events leading to the establishment of the Gülen-led terror-cult (FETÖ) and a lead a formal request for Gülen’s extradition later this month.

Ms Kan was quoted as saying: "We will talk about what we can do beyond that." Sources have noted that the Turkish group would tell the Americans that Gülen and his highly secret group is not only a threat to Turkey but also to U.S. interests and assets.

The head of the Turkish-US Inter-Government Friendship Group, Ali Sarıkaya, said the organisation will also ask the US government to stand with Turkey against all international terrorist groups.

Mr. Sarikaya said the following: “What we expect from them is to stand with Turkey for its very right cause, to stand with Turkish democracy, to hand over the leader of this terror group -- which attempted to harm Turkish democracy and nation -- to the Turkish justice."

He went on to state that he had asked US senators for their support for Turkey's request for Gülen's extradition in a letter to congressmen after the coup attempt.

"I hope and wish that American strategic mind would not prefer a terrorist organization to Turkey," he said.

Leading lawyers also said the group would call on US leaders to consider Turkey's issues in relation to PYD/PKK groups in northern Syria regarding their anti-Turkish agendas inside the war-ridden state and being a threat to Turkish national interests in the region.

America has been providing military and logistical support to the YPG, the military side of PYD/PKK, in its battle against I.S. but Turkey has always been very anti that aspect of US foreign policy, highlighting the group's terrorist links with PKK elements and groupings in Turkey itself.

A source thought to be within the Turkish government has indicated that the delegation will re-emphasis that the terrorist groups are no different from the groups that the US is currently funding.

It is understood that the Turks will also highlight their strong and consistent support for a united and stable Syria.

It is thought that the delegation will also stress the mutual benefits of co-operation with the U.S. citing their strategic common ground and the need for stability in the region.

The extradition of Gülen will clearly be a confidence building measure. Lawyers on both sides of the debate will clearly be hoping for the best possible outcome for each of their respective clients.