'As a Direct Access Barrister I am typically 50% less expensive than going to a Solicitor..'

In certain cases, where clients are entitled, I can sometimes act on Legal Aid fees. This would need to be through a Legal Aid Solicitor However given the vast reductions in such fees, on many occasions, this will simply not be sustainable.

As a Barrister with very low overheads, where Legal Aid is not sustainable, I am able to offer my services at highly competitive rates through the Bar Direct Access Scheme. My service is fully insured by the Bar Mutual Indemnity Fund and I am very highly regulated by the Bar Council.

I can offer fixed fees for representation and these are often at least 50% less expensive for you than if you went through a Solicitor. You can cut out the ‘middle man’. 

Each case varies and my Clerks will give you a quotation based on the nature of work. I will aim to always provide the most competitive fees on the market.

I will always be very fair and clear about my charges and with fixed fees you know where you are with no hidden extras.

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