George Hepburne Scott is a highly experienced and respected criminal defence lawyer in the UK. He is involved in many of the leading cases of the day, whether relating to serious crime or extradition.

George is experienced, effective and highly motivated to win. He daily provides authoritative and skillful legal advice and representation on criminal law and extradition.

George is a leading criminal lawyer in London and enjoys an international reputation. This is achieved and promoted through my excellent links with a global network of criminal and extradition lawyers. People instruct me when they are in trouble and they can be completely assured of receiving the best possible legal advice and representation. I am trusted to advise throughout each stage of the investigation from the police station to the Court of Appeal if necessary.

I will achieve the best possible results from the very initial stages including the police station where, through my ruthless advancement of my clients’ interests in all criminal cases, I ensure that the majority of cases I deal with do not proceed beyond the police station interview.